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Ancotec has been providing superior precast lifting system to the Malaysian construction sector for over 30 years.

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Incorporation of
Faston Sdn Bhd


Becomes the sole agent of DEHA range of lifting products


Incorporation of
Ancotec Sdn Bhd

Ancotec origins begin with the incorporation of Faston Sdn Bhd in 1985, a company which primarily involves in selling studs and fasteners. In 1986, the company was selected as the sole agent in Malaysia for DEHA range of lifting products.

In 2009, Faston Sdn Bhd was rebranded into Ancotec Sdn Bhd and today the company is among the leading precast lifting system supplier in Malaysia based on both volume and inventory. Over the years, Ancotec has successfully built a reputation for great value in the construction sector and can boast some of Malaysia’s largest concrete manufacturers as its clients.

As quality is the highest priority in the construction sector, Ancotec lifting systems products are tested for by Construction Research Institute of Malaysia (CREAM) and the Metallurgical Consultancy & Services Sdn Bhd (METACOS). 

Our products are also covered under the Product Liability Insurance for up to RM1 million, in the event of accidental damages or injuries arising from our products.



The Malaysia safety regulations for lifting must be observed for accident prevention for load-bearing equipment used for lifting purposes.

Concrete and reinforced concrete pipes are to be transported using lifting equipment fitted with precision hoisting gear.

Excavators must conform with the stipulations regarding accident prevention of the user country.

Shock loadings such as jerky lifting and lowering, sudden setting down or dropping, rolling on or off or dragging of the pipes must be provided.

In addition, all relevant and additional instructions given by the pipe and seal manufacturer must be observed.


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Rubber Recess Former

Lifting Eye Anchor

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